some changes around here

So far, One Green Stone has been a fascinating experiment. What kind of blog would it become?

Looking at early posts, there was a kind of casting about for topics. What should I write about? There was a tendency to sort of splash it out there in different ways, trying out different voices.

Lately things have settled and a few distinct flows have emerged. Now it seems appropriate to create several more focused streams, to honor the distinctness of the different flows.

Two new blogs split out now, leaving One Green Stone leaner and cleaner with a more precise focus. Off-topic posts will be disappearing, either moved to one of the other blogs or simply vanished.

The first new blog is called “clear display.” The name arises from the wonderful sharings of the excellent Jim Wray, whose tweets and writings reveal the deep truth of the nondual Clear Aware Display that is our experience of Reality. The new blog is primarily visual, featuring photography, Photoshop art, algorithmic metaflowers, and contributed works. It uses the beautiful Nishita theme which features 1024-wide images. Subscribe to clear display if you’d like to see more of this beautiful art as it is published.

The second new blog is called “empty witness.” Here you will find articles and comments about the world, my life, and life in general. Subscribe to empty witness if you’ve enjoyed or valued the commentaries in past months about world events, Al Jazeera, modern prophets, friendly aliens, nondual Being, and paleo lifestyle.

This blog you are reading (One Green Stone) will center around ecology, and especially the art of eco-gardening, with various excursions into weather, science, or other interests. It will continue to be a celebration of beautiful Earthly nature and life forms.

It is delightful to feel the enthusiasm and interest that people are showing around these projects. Thank you for your support, and double special thanks to all enthusiastic eco-garden clients.

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