black soldier fly

It seems like there have been a lot of posts about flies lately, no?

When the post on turning the compost came together it was slightly frustrating not to have a good picture of a black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) (Wikipedia). Now a big beautiful female has posed for us on a runner bean leaf, so here is her portrait.

With their jet black wings, antennae, and body and brightly contrasting white leg segments, these rather large flies (as big as a large bean) are among the most distinguished looking insects in the garden. As adults, they do not eat – in fact, they have no functioning mouth parts. They are also surprisingly tame – they can often be picked up easily in the hand, where they might just walk around instead of flying away.

This female’s bulging abdomen is loaded with eggs. Now that she has mated and become gravid, her only goal in life is to find some nice organic matter where her babies can grow. Quite possibly her target will be our box of fresh kitchen scraps:

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