Dracaena Spike Plant Winter Care – A Gardeners Guide To Hardy Plant Growth

Are you in search of Dracaena Spike Plant Winter Care tips? If so, then this blog post has all the information you need. Dracaena plants are ideal for beginners because they can be grown indoors and outdoors or in a hanging basket. They come in several varieties and colors and are drought tolerant. 

Having a good selection of plants in your winter garden will make a great addition to your home and landscape. However, having the proper knowledge of dracaena spike plant care will afford you a thriving garden. Many people often overlook plants that are easy to grow in the winter. 

However, with the essential tips furnished in this article, you will have the information you need when choosing your plants. . There are a few options for winter gardening which include planting bulbs, annuals, cacti, succulents, and evergreen shrubs. This blog post focuses on dracaena spike plant winter care tips to create a beautiful eye-catching garden of your own.

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Dracaena Spike Plant Winter Care Tips and Guide

Dracaenas are popular houseplants for the spring and summer but in the winter, they go dormant. Here are some easy dracaena spike plant winter care tips on how to grow them successfully through the cold season.

1. The first thing to do is to buy the right soil for your Dracaena plants. Dracaena thrives on the same soil that is recommended for succulents. A mixture of peat moss and vermiculite is ideal for these plants as it is rich in nutrients. You can buy the soil from your local nursery or garden center.

2. After you have selected the right soil, make sure that it does not dry out. It is recommended to water your plants every other day. If you forget to water them, the roots and eventually the plant could die as well.

3. It is recommended that you protect your plants from freezing temperatures. You can use a cover, or you can use a pot with a lid. You can also cut off all but a few leaves and leave the plant in the shade for the winter.

4. At the end of winter, you should prune your Dracaena plant. Pruning is done to maintain the plant’s shape and to improve its growth. You can trim your plants’ branches to remove dead and damaged ones. 

5. You can also take advantage of the warmer weather and the blooming season by removing leaves during this time of year. You may need to do so every few weeks or so. Once all of the leaves have been removed, the plant will remain dormant for the winter. This allows for new growth and a full blooming season.

How To Plant Dracaena Spike Plants?

In order for Dracaena plants to grow properly, they need a certain amount of light and heat. So, to make sure your plants are getting enough sun and warm temperatures, you’ll need to give them a nice sunny spot (preferably with lots of indirect sunlight).

You can plant them outdoors if you like or in a large pot indoors. Make sure the soil is moist, but not too wet, and keep the soil at a temperature around 75F to 80F. When the roots start to grow, you may notice they’re branching off into several small, thin roots which is normal.

These roots will grow longer in time and they will look much better once they’ve grown into a lush green bush. Be careful when you’re transplanting the spiky Dracaena plants. You don’t want to cut them all the way down because it will cause the spikes to die.

Here are a few dracaena spike plant winter care tips you can follow when planting:

– Cut the bottom off your pot so it stands upright on the ground.

– Fill the pot with soil. Do not add any fertilizer in the beginning, as Dracaena Spike plants prefer minimal fertilizer.

– Make a hole in the ground about the size of the pot.

– Place the pot in the hole.

– Firmly pack soil around the base of the plant when planting. 

– Thereafter, water the plant thoroughly.

 dracaena spike plant winter care

How To Prune Dracaena Spike Plant?

You should prune the Dracaena spike plant in late summer when they are just starting to flower. You can use a sharp pair of shears or pruners to cut back the top growth and then prune the rest of the plant back at about half its height.

To keep it healthy, water it well for several weeks before the first pruning. This allows any dormant buds to start growing and new buds to develop. Then water it for several days after the pruning.

Thereafter, you can fertilize the plant with a slow-release fertilizer. Apply it every 3-4 weeks during the growing season. You will need to dig up the plants each time you fertilize them. These are vital tips to follow when pruning and for overall dracaena spike plant winter care. Here is a video on how to overwinter dracaena. 

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Growing Dracaena Spike Plants?

Dracaena spike plants can be trained to grow into the shape of a heart and it blooms in the fall. It likes bright light and should not be placed under fluorescent or sodium lights. There are many advantages to growing this plant however, there are also a few disadvantages to take note of.

Listed below are the pros and cons of of growing dracaena spike plants:


Dracaena plants grow well in containers but they can also be planted in the ground. 
The spikes on the Dracaena plant are perfect for attracting butterflies.
A spike plant grows beautifully in a sunny location where there is plenty of air circulation.
They provide great-looking indoor or outdoor gardens.
They are an easy plant to grow and require little maintenance. 


It needs to be kept evenly moist at all times and watered often. If your soil is dry, the leaves may start to curl up.
When choosing a Dracaena spike plant, look for one that has healthy green leaves, which are free from holes and brown spots.
Their roots tend to clump together if incorrect soil is used.

Dracaena spike plant winter care tips are vital information that helps you in growing healthy plants.

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Dracaenas are an excellent plant for low-light areas. They have a very short growth period and can sometimes thrive on neglect. They can grow in containers or potted on the patio or deck, and even in a pot on the balcony.

For the dracaena spike plant winter care benefits, you must keep in mind that the soil used for this plant should be the same as the soil recommended for succulents. There is something special about this particular type of soil as it has an added component of sand to help retain moisture and nutrients, and it also helps to absorb water better.

When planting the dracaena, you will need to start with a mixture of approximately five gallons of peat moss and four cups of vermiculite. This will help your plant thrive throughout the year. Click on this link and learn how to grow dracaena indoors. 

How do you winterize dracaena spikes?

Winterize your dracaena spikes by moving them to the coolest spot in your house and keep them out of direct sunlight. Cover the plant with mulch and make sure the soil has good drainage. Give them some TLC during the winter and water them regularly. 

Can dracaena survive winter?

Yes, dracaena can survive winter, especially in zones 8 and below. At higher altitudes or in subtropical climates it might not survive the cold temperatures without proper care, so it will require a bit of help.

Does Dracena come back every year?

Yes, Dracena does come back every year as it is a perennial. 

Can Dracena survive frost?

Yes, with the proper care, Dracena can survive the frost. They are hardy and can grow in areas with harsh winters.

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