Early Girl Tomato Plant Care – A Growers Guide For Delicious Dainty Harvests

This blog is for you if you are looking for tips on Early Girl Tomato Plant Care. We provide advice on growing the plant indoors or out, along with useful information on choosing the right variety. A healthy plant will give you lots of tomatoes throughout the summer months!

In this article, you will also learn about soil amendments, water and light needs, diseases, and more. You’ll also find the best resources for indoor gardening at home, as well as info on how to get started with organic gardening.

Learn how to grow organic vegetables in a small space with the help of our expert, who shares all her knowledge and experience in this gardening guide. Our guide has everything you need to know about caring for your tomato plants, from seed to harvest.

What To Consider Before Growing Early Girl Tomatoes?

When deciding to grow tomatoes, there are several things you need to consider. Aside from the early girl tomato plant care tips, the choice of planting method is also important. It’s necessary to pay attention to the temperature of the growing season, wind, humidity, and light.

Also, the soil is necessary to grow tomatoes, but if it has too much sand, it will not be suitable for your plant. You must also take into account a few factors before growing tomatoes. Do you want cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes? Is this a hobby, or are you going to sell it? Are you going to grow them in containers or outdoors?

Although you can’t grow early girl tomatoes indoors, they need the heat and humidity that is provided by the sun as they won’t survive the cold, dry conditions indoors. Therefore it is essential that you provide a warm place in which to grow them. You would also have to water them daily, especially when they start growing rapidly.

What Are The Best Early Girl Tomato Plant Care Tips?

Early Girl tomato plants are hardy and produce a lot of tomatoes. They need lots of space, water, and light to grow well. Following the early girl tomato plant care tips below will ensure that your reap an abundant harvest. Here are some of the best tips for growing and caring for early girl tomatoes.


1. If the soil is too moist, your plant will grow slowly, especially if they are young and haven’t yet developed their root system. In this case, you may need to move the plant to a different location and allow it to dry out a bit before you water it again. This will encourage growth.

2. Young tomato plants need plenty of fertilizer and water. Fertilizer is especially important for early crops because it helps the plants build strong roots.

3. To prevent tomato fruits from being too small or shriveled up, use an 8 to 10-inch stake to support them.

4. Grow in well-drained soil.

5. Keep your tomatoes at a consistent temperature – don’t keep them in an unheated garage or cold basement.

6. Early girl tomatoes should be grown in full sun (6 Hours Per Day).

7. Tomato plants also need a little shade to grow well.

8. Water early girl tomatoes from the bottom of the pot (If pots are used to grow them).

9. Use a good quality soil mix for better growth.

 Can Early Girl tomatoes grow in pots

How To Plant Tomatoes From Seed?

Tomato plants love bright and warm temperatures (70-80°F). So, it’s important to make sure they have the sunniest spot in your house. A south-facing window, a patio, or even a sunny garage will be great spots when your plant them. Tomatoes are easy to grow from seed. You just need a pot and a sunny window.

When starting from seed, the soil is the first thing that needs to be prepared. Tomatoes like a nutrient-rich soil that is not acidic, so make sure to test the soil pH. You’ll need to plant the seeds in the early spring or late fall. When planting in the spring, be sure to use an indoor planting mix and when planting in the fall, start them in a pot and transplant them later.

All you need to do is to plant the seeds in the soil and water them. Thereafter, the seed will germinate and sprout. When they have three or four leaves, pinch off the shoot. This stops the plant from growing any more leaves.

After a few weeks, you’ll see your tomato plant developing. Remember to keep up with the early girl tomato plant care tips to enjoy a thriving harvest. Click on this video to learn about growing early girl tomatoes in a greenhouse. 

How To Protect Your Tomato Plant Against Disease and Insects?

Tomato plants can be affected by several insects and diseases if not given the proper care. To protect your plants, there are several steps that you can take to ensure that they stay healthy. Listed below is a guide to help you keep your plants disease and pest free.


Using a greenhouse to grow your tomato plants is a great idea because you can protect them from cold weather and the elements. You’ll also be able to protect the plant from disease and insects.
To protect your tomato plant against disease and insects, remove weeds from around them.
Make sure to use proper fertilizer, including sulfur.
Ensure that the soil in your garden is moist at all times, and get rid of any leaves that are in it.
You can also use an organic spray on your plants to prevent disease and insects. Keep an eye on your tomato plant and spray it when necessary.
Using soil that is easily compacted can also cause diseases that will rot your plant’s roots. Therefore it is essential that you use the best soil for your plants to avoid this problem.
Following the early girl plant care, tips listed above will also help avoid these problems.


An early girl tomato plant needs fertilizer, sunlight, and water to thrive. Fertilizer boosts the plant’s growth and encourages it to produce more fruit. Sunlight enhances the plant to produce its own food, while watering allows it to extract sufficient nutrients from the soil.

Tomatoes like to grow in a well-watered garden. The fertilizer you apply should have nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen is needed for strong roots and growth, while phosphorus produces strong stems and large leaves.

It is also vital to remember that the best time to plant tomatoes is in the fall and winter. When harvesting your tomatoes, look for firm, juicy, and plump fruits with a deep red color and dark green leaves. That means the tomato is ripe, and won’t be hard to pick.

We hope that the early girl tomato plant care tips and information in this article will help you to grow a bountiful harvest. Click on the link for the nine tips for growing delicious tomatoes at home. 

Can Early Girl tomatoes grow in pots?

Yes, early girl tomatoes can grow in pots but they need plenty of fertilizer and a good potting soil mixture that will drain well.

Are Early Girl tomatoes vine or bush?

The early girl tomato is a vine, but it will grow into a bush if you leave it alone long enough. Therefore, some people consider it as both.

How long does it take Early Girl tomatoes to produce?

How long it takes early girl tomatoes to produce will depend on the weather, temperature, soil, and the amount of water it receives. It usually takes a minimum of 6 weeks for the tomato plant to produce.

Why are my Early Girl tomatoes small?

Early Girl is an heirloom tomato. They are smaller than regular tomatoes because they were bred to be more uniform and easier to grow and harvest.

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