How To Take Care Of A Bromeliads Plant – A Gardeners Guide To Effective Plant Care

If you want to know How to Take Care of a Bromeliads Plant, then the information in this article will be beneficial to you. We offer the best gardening tips and advice to grow this beautiful plant species. Our blog post is for both new and established gardeners as the information below covers soil types, sun exposure, watering, fertilizing, and more.

Bromeliads are tropical plants that belong to the pineapple family. They are incredibly diverse with more than 2500 different species grown around the world. Although they are easy to grow, proper care and maintenance will help them flourish and reach their full potential.

Therefore, having the correct knowledge about bromeliad plant care and maintenance is vital if you want to grow your plants healthily. Although the maintenance procedure is not complicated, there are a few tips that you should take note of. Have a look at the information below to learn more!

The History Of Bromeliad Plants

Aside from having knowledge of how to take care of a bromeliad plant, it is essential to learn a little bit about where they originated. These hardy plants are native to North and South America and come in a variety of species. They can also be found in the West African tropics.

Within the plant family that they belong to, bromeliads are the ones with inferior ovaries. Amongst the plant family is the Spanish moss which is the smallest, and other terrestrial species which include pineapple plants. Their overlapping leaf bases are efficient at storing water. They usually draw moisture from succulents and other leafy plants that grow in the same environment as them.

These hardy plants can grow to a height of 4 meters depending on their species. They can adapt to various climates but grow their best in an atmosphere that is well suited to them. Depending on the species, bromeliads also offer a variety of eye-catching foliage in several colors.

 Can bromeliads take full sun?

What are the Best Soil Types for Bromeliads?

Depending on the bromeliad species, these plants grow in soil or on tree barks. They are forgiving plants but to grow them well you should learn how to take care of bromeliads plants. Ultimately, proper maintenance is essential to their health and growth. Using the best soil will also ensure that your plant is getting the essential nutrients that it needs to thrive.

You can grow bromeliads indoors or outdoors depending on the planting space that you have available. They thrive in well-drained soils with efficient water retention properties. A mixture of equal parts peat moss and sand with perlite or vermiculite is amongst the best soil types to grow them.

Other soil types that are also effective in growing these plants include soilless potting mixes, orchid mixes, citrus potting mixes, and Miracle-Gro. These soils also have good water retention properties and hold sufficient nutrients that bromeliads can thrive on. Watch the next video for additional tips on these hardy plants.

How To Plant Bromeliads In Containers?

Planting Bromeliads in containers is quick and easy to do. It is convenient for indoor growing and thrives in the right conditions. Depending on the bromeliad species that you’re growing, taking care of it after planting is essential. This will ensure that they grow their best.

Therefore, it is essential to know that planting them in indirect sunlight will aid them in reaching their full growth potential. Direct sunlight especially in the afternoon is not advised for these plants as it will cause their leaves to burn and wilt.

Here are a Few Planting Tips:

1. Firstly, when planting bromeliads, you will need a pot with several drainage holes and a catch tray.
2. Make sure to choose a plant pot that is twice the size of the root ball.
3. For bromeliads to grow their best, well-draining soil that is nutrient-rich is recommended. Therefore, using the best soil is essential.
4. To avoid pests or fungus, it is recommended that soil that does not contain bark or compost be used. In that respect, a good choice would be Miracle-Gro Indoor potting mix.
5. Make sure that the surface of your plant root is an inch below the rim of the container before filling it with more soil. This will allow for watering space.
6. Thereafter you can water your plant as needed and watch it grow.

How To Take Care Of A Bromeliads Plant?

 What is the best way to water a bromeliad?

This comprehensive gardener’s guide was written to show you how to take care of a bromeliads plant. Although these are hardy plants that can adapt to almost any climate, there are a few essential aspects to take note of when growing them.

The key to growing thriving plants is to implement the best maintenance and care strategies to ensure good health. Listed below are a few guidelines to help you grow healthy bromeliads.

Growers Guide Tips:

Bromeliads should be grown in indirect sunlight.
They grow best in zones 10 to 12 in the US agriculture regions.
Because of their tropical nature, it is vital to keep them in a bright shaded area during the summer months.
Make sure to use the best soil type to avoid disease and insect infestations.
Other soil suggestions include the Miracle-Gro cactus mix, the indoor potting mix, or the palm and citrus mix.
When watering, it is recommended to fill the cups that grow in the center of the bromeliad.
Feed your plant with a good plant food mix. Misting is recommended in that respect.
If you want to grow more bromeliads, you should break off the new growth or plant pups and re-root them.


We have given you all the information you need on how to take care of a bromeliads plant. I am sure that you will enjoy a thriving garden when you follow the care tips above. These tropical plants are hardy and can endure fluctuating temperatures. However, it is not recommended to grow them in direct sunlight if you want to maintain their foliage.

Also, for your bromeliads to continue thriving, it is essential to water them as needed. Keep in mind that they are efficient at storing water and should be monitored every other day to ensure they grow healthily. You can also choose to grow them indoors or outdoors as they do well either way.

Having a thriving garden is beneficial to any landscape. Bromeliads are large contributors when it comes to enhancing the beauty of your yard. If you want to learn more about these forgiving plants, here’s a link from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with additional information. 

 how to take care of a bromeliads plant


How do I know if my bromeliad is healthy?

To know if your bromeliad is healthy, you should always monitor its foliage. Burnt or wilted leaves is an indication of excessive sunlight. Also, using the proper soil to grow them is important to keep them healthy.

What is the best way to water a bromeliad?

The best way to water bromeliads is from the top. Filling their centralized cups with water is recommended.

How do I get my bromeliad to bloom?

To get your bromeliad to bloom, you should dissolve Epsom salts in water and add it to their cups monthly.

Can bromeliads take full sun?

No, bromeliads cannot take full sun as their leaves will burn. Indirect sunlight is best for them to grow well.