How To Take Care Of A Coffee Plant – A Harvesters Guide To Delicious Coffee Beans

Wondering how to take care of a coffee plant? For most of us, the smell of that early morning coffee brewing is quite heavenly. Imagine having your own coffee plant and harvesting it to enjoy the fresh brew. Waking up to its rich aroma is absolutely blissful.

Although there are many claims as to its origin, coffee plants are native to the African region of Ethiopia, and parts of Asia and thrive best in humid conditions. For many countries, it is a valuable export commodity that fetches a high income. Coffee is also ranked as the number one trading commodity in the world.

Coffee lovers have been spoilt for choice. This is because coffee beans are packed with caffeine and there are a variety of flavors and brews to choose from. The satisfaction derived from a hot cup of early morning brew to start the day can change anyone’s mood for the better. Let’s have a look at some of the aspects of growing and caring for this valuable plant below.

What To Consider Before Growing Coffee Plants

Before you start to grow your coffee plants, there are a few things you should consider. Firstly, this plant does not grow well in certain parts of the world if not planted in the proper environment. This is because countries with frequent rain, especially regions that are close to the equator, are most suitable for growing this kind of crop.

 Can you grow a coffee plant indoors?

Although coffee plants thrive in humid conditions, harsh, direct sunlight is not what they prefer. Do remember, for an abundant harvest, you will need to use good soil to ensure that they reach their full potential. Planting coffee is easy, but it is most important that you also know how to take care of a coffee plant, especially when growing one in your home garden.

Except for the beans, all the other parts of the plant are toxic to both humans and animals. Therefore, it is important to consider your toddlers and pets before growing them. Also, if you are an impatient gardener who wants to see quick results, then planting coffee might not be for you as it does take a few years to bloom.

What Soil Is Best for Coffee Plants

Having the proper knowledge on how to take care of a coffee plant as well as what soil is best will be beneficial to both you and your plant. For any plant to thrive, using the correct soil mix is very important. This is because each plant has its own demands when it comes to nutrients and should therefore be planted in the proper environment.

Coffee plants prefer to grow in soil that is well oxygenated, rich in nutrients, well-drained, and fertile. Research shows that volcanic soil is best as it has the right amount of nutrients required for a good crop of coffee beans. Acidic soil with a PH range of 6 to 6.5 is ideal for these plants to grow their best.

For home growing, rich peat-based potting soil mix amended with sand rock lava will work perfectly fine. It has sufficient nutrients and the lava ensures that it stays aerated. If you are growing them as an indoor plant, do remember that they can reach a height of 11 feet at maturity so allowing enough space will accommodate them properly. Learn how to grow Arabica coffee in this video. 

How To Take Care Of A Coffee Plant

As with any plant, taking the proper care will afford you rewarding results. Coffee plants are just the same! Although they might not need around-the-clock care, a sufficient amount of time spent with these beneficial plants will yield great results.

Care Tips:

1. Be sure to use the correct soil to grow your coffee plants. Remember that nutrient-rich soil that is aerated works best.
2. Having a good drainage system and watering regularly is necessary for coffee plants to thrive.
3. Overwatering your plant will lead to the entire plant rotting. At the same time, it’s important to note that the soil should not be left to dry out.
4. Since this plant likes humid conditions, creating humidity will help them grow well, especially if your area experiences harsh cold weather. It is recommended that you fill a shallow tray with pebbles and add some water to it. Place your plant on the pebbles but do not allow it to touch the water. The water will evaporate slowly creating humidity around the plant.
5. You can also try and group your coffee plants together. They will give of their own humidity helping each other to thrive.

 How long do coffee plants live?
The Advantages Of A Coffee Garden

For most gardeners or farmers, their plants are their pride and joy. Too often, our gardens are invaded by unwanted pests and common diseases.


  • Having coffee plants in your home or garden can keep pests and slugs away. Their strong aroma serves as a repellent which is beneficial to other plants in your garden.
  • Coffee can be used as mulch if mixed with other organic materials, shredded leaves, and vegetables.
  • Using coffee in plants can increase the health of your plant considerably.
  • Coffee plants also enrich the soil that they’re planted in which can be beneficial to other garden plants.
  • Ensuring that your plants get the proper care will afford you an abundant yield when it’s time to harvest.


As most of us start the day with a hot cuppa, growing coffee beans in our very own gardens will be very rewarding. To make things better and easier, the manufacturing of the coffee machine was a fantastic invention for most. This is because coffee growers can make use of their own harvest that can be roasted to their liking.

In this blog, we have given you a few ideas on How to take care of a coffee plant, the best soil for your coffee plant, the advantages of having a coffee plant, and much more. Using the information in this article will help you maintain a thriving garden year through.

 How often should you water a coffee plant?

Remember that coffee plants are best grown near the equator. Although it likes a bit of rain, the soil needs to have a good drainage system in order for your plant to reach its full potential. Countries that grow and export coffee is also at an advantage especially when they are afforded a good yield.

You too can turn your little coffee garden into a business by supplying the local coffee lovers in your area with fresh beans. Here’s a link with more information about these glorious plants. 


How often should you water a coffee plant?

You should water a coffee plant often as the soil should never completely dry out.

Can you grow a coffee plant indoors?

Yes, u can grow a coffee plant indoors. With proper care and ample space, the plant can grow to its full capacity.

Why is my coffee plant dying?

Your coffee plant might be dying because of overwatering. Although these plants like water, growing them in water-logged soil can kill them.

How long do coffee plants live?

Coffee plants can live for up to 100 - years. However, they are most productive during the ages of 7 to 20 years old.