(Special note: The agreement shown below is no longer current, and is shown here for information purposes only. As of June, 2015, this entire blog was closed and all of our offerings were moved to our new home in a secluded valley north of Corvallis, Oregon. A new blog has been started to serve our new community. If anything you see in this (now closed!) blog sounds interesting to you, please click over to the new blog and see what’s been happening since our move.)

This page is the “fine print” – the precise details of arrangements we make with garden clients. If you are thinking of letting us do some garden work, whether it is a one-time consultation or a long-term deep nature evolution, you should be clear about these details.

This page is similar to the licensing agreements you check off when downloading software. You don’t have to actually sign this, but it is very much like a contract. Before any money or other value changes hands, you should read it and agree to its terms.


120415-1304Deep nature gardening is a kind of living, evolving art that happens in your garden space. We offer this art to create more deep nature garden spaces in the world. Your creative participation is always welcome, as long as we let the principles of deep nature gardening be our guide. Ideally, this project is a continuing artistic and creative cooperation between the garden and the gardener.

You agree that we will co-create this special kind of ecological art. This may include removal or addition of plants, re-landscaping, watering, pruning, seeding, planting, and other garden activities. If there are special plants or landscape features you would like to preserve, we can do that.

The deep nature areas of your garden are designated in the expectation that this living art will emerge, either under our care or through your own efforts, with our help if you like.


Garden upgrades are individual smaller projects designed to improve the beauty, diversity, and abundance of your garden. A garden upgrade can be as simple as a new pathway of step stones with moss between them or as complex as a pond and stream with a waterfall and a pump to make it all flow, with fish and water insects (but no mosquitoes!). Our menu of garden upgrades continues to grow and expand as we explore more new, creative ideas.


120420-1328work schedule and visit frequency
Your deep nature garden work happens during garden visits.

If you are able to commit to a full deep nature garden (lucky you!) you should expect frequent visits during the shaping phase as the garden is cleared (if needed), landscaped (if needed), and prepared. Once the garden starts to grow in and it shifts to continuing evolution, the visit durations may decline and the intervals between them may increase.

We are also available for garden upgrades. These are short to medium length one-time projects, ranging from one visit to more than ten visits.

There are also recurring services such as pruning and care of existing plants. We are especially fond of roses, fruit trees, and native bushes like ceanothus, and we take pride in their proper care. Recurring pruning can be done as part of a monthly subscription or we can set up an on-call arrangement.


visit start times
It is not always possible to set a precise arrival time on a regular visit day. If there are several visits in one day, start times of visits after the first one may vary from predicted values. We can be more precise about special visits, especially if you are planning to meet us in your garden.


money and value exchange
There are several options for ways to pay for our work.

You might choose our subscription model in which you advance money (or other consideration) to cover upcoming garden work. We deduct from your money balance to cover hourly amounts, monthly subscriptions for long term garden evolution, and additional expenses like materials.

If you prefer, you can pay for each visit as it is completed. In some cases, such as the hands-dirty work sharing option, this “pay as you go” plan is more appropriate than a subscription paid ahead.

You can read much more about work options and various ways to compensate us for the work we do.

Money rates vary depending on several factors such as distance, size of garden, and the nature of the work. Please get in touch for a rate quote for your particular situation.


extra services
There may be tasks in your garden that are not directly related to the deep nature areas or our menu of garden upgrades. We are usually glad to lend a hand anywhere on your property for things like planting, watering, pruning, cleanup, and whatever else needs doing.

These extra tasks will be deducted from your balance at your normal hourly rate. Helping with other garden tasks is an extra benefit for our clients and we reserve the option to defer helping with such extra tasks.


skipped visits
A visit may sometimes be canceled (skipped) on short notice because of rain, cold, heat, illness, or some other reason. If a visit is skipped we’ll send you an email as soon as possible.

We usually have very nice weather here, but there are certain limits of comfort for gardening work. In general, if the forecast high temperature is above 90 F or below 50 F, or if the chance of rain is forecast greater than 50%, the visit might be skipped. Not all visits meeting this test will be skipped, because some kinds of garden work can still be done in such cold, hot, or wet conditions. Also, if the sun is shining we can often work in sub-freezing temperatures.

Skipped visits seldom result in any significant garden issues, because a deep nature garden by its very nature is a self-regulating, resilient system.


141028-0553visit updates
After each visit you will receive a garden visit update. This email message will arrive within 24 hours, usually the afternoon of the visit day. It contains a summary of changes and other events in the garden, along with advice, comments, and other items.

Near the end of the update is a section called “specifics” that wraps up the current money situation, including new charges, new money deposits, and the current balance. This section also includes the date and time of the next scheduled visit, if any.


licensed work
For any tasks requiring a state license, we gladly and gratefully bring in our good friends who are licensed, state approved contractors. These tasks include (but are not limited to) hardscape redesign, buried piping, anything electrical, anything permanent, large plantings, tree work, and anything involving carpentry, cement, mortar, nails, glass, or any kind of power tools.

We are not landscapers or construction contractors, and we bring in various qualified service providers to do parts of the initial shaping where appropriate. We are happy to support our licensed friends and we appreciate their skillful work.


insurance and liabilities
We carry no specific insurance for this work, but we do take full, complete responsibility for any injuries we may incur during this work. If we damage any of your non-living property (except garden tools) we will cover any replacement or repair costs. Damage to living plants and animals is not covered.

We work barefoot some of the time. Our bare feet are our responsibility, and if they become damaged for any reason we take full, complete responsibility.


at-will arrangement
This arrangement is completely at-will. Either party may end it at any time for any reason. If we end our arrangement, we promise to return any remaining money deposit as soon as possible.


Our lifeblood in this work is your enthusiastic referrals. If you like what we do, please help us do more of it by spreading the word to people you think might like to know more about deep nature gardening. Thank you very much for helping us in this way!


Are you ready to start? Let’s get in touch.


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