(Special note: As of June, 2015, this entire blog was closed and all of our offerings were moved to our new home in a secluded valley north of Corvallis, Oregon. All of the following services are still available, but only to residents of Corvallis and nearby towns. A new blog has been started to serve our new community. If anything you see in this (now closed!) blog sounds interesting to you, please click over to the new blog and see what’s been happening since our move.)

In the course of creating and maintaining deep nature gardens we add a variety of interesting plants. While some of these are purchased at retail nurseries, many of them are sprouted and nurtured in our own special eco-packs. These are containers in which various kinds of plants grow, ranging in size from four or five inches across to a gallon or two of soil. Many contain multiple kinds of plants in one container, already growing as a healthy community.

Eco-packs were originally intended for use in deep nature gardens. We have discovered that many nature-lovers enjoy integrating them into their own garden spaces. They often contain plants that are seldom or never available in commercial nurseries.

141028-0732Some of these plants, such as purslane, salsify, lamb’s quarter, broadleaf plantain, curly dock, dandelion, red or white clover and chickweed are wonderful edibles that are usually thought of as “weeds.”

Others, like Kenilworth ivy, corn speedwell, fringed willow-herb, horehound, and feverfew are beautiful small plants that are not sold in nurseries because they are not easy to produce or sell in commercial six-packs or other containers.

There are also such seldom-available plants as native grasses, coyote brush, St. John’s wort, and heliotrope, which we favor and grow specifically for our deep nature gardens.

We also grow many kinds of plants that are available in nurseries… but in our case these grow from seeds present in the eco-mix, meaning they are usually open-pollinated hybrids that may show interesting traits different from commercial seedlings.

All of these fascinating eco-packs are available to our deep nature clients and other interested people. You can schedule a visit to our Menlo Park headquarters or you can visit our table at a local gathering. If this sounds interesting, please get in touch and we’ll decide where and when you can have a look in person.

You can also grow your own eco-packs. It’s easy!

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