(Special note: As of June, 2015, this entire blog was closed and all of our offerings were moved to our new home in a secluded valley north of Corvallis, Oregon. All of the following services are still available, but only to residents of Corvallis and nearby towns. A new blog has been started to serve our new community. If anything you see in this (now closed!) blog sounds interesting to you, please click over to the new blog and see what’s been happening since our move.)

One of our greatest passions is nurturing beautiful ecosystems in enclosures of various sizes and shapes. In High School, Nick had dozens of aquaria and terraria, plus many soil-filled containers of what the rest of the family called “those weeds.” Today the passion for enclosed ecosystems is still very much alive, and it is a great joy to offer these projects to you.

Our smallest enclosed ecosystems are aquaria and terraria. We can create for you a saltwater or freshwater ecosystem of any size from 10 gallons up to hundreds. We can also create soil-based wet or dry terrarium ecosystems.

All of these will contain a variety of fascinating plants and critters. These systems are equipped with lighting, water or air circulation and filtration, and sometimes secondary systems like external illuminated biofilters using algae and bacteria to clean the water.

The next step up in size for an enclosed ecosystem is a walk-in greenhouse. From here the sizes scale smoothly up to city-size biodomes.

Each of these is a fully contained, diverse and beautiful work of bio-art that can serve many interesting and productive functions. It can produce edible products like fruits or vegetables, craft items like feathers, reeds, fibers, or seed pods, living items like seeds, plants, or critters, or material products like compost.

It can also be a way of preserving and protecting endangered or unusual species, or it can simply be a beautiful ecosystem garden of diverse life forms.

Some enclosed ecosystems are equipped with supplemental lighting and environmental controls for temperature, humidity, air flow, and other factors.

Every enclosed ecosystem is unique, with its own particular flavor. Many such projects involve experimental elements or untried components. We welcome projects of this kind, and we are willing to work with anyone who is interested.

It is important to understand that enclosed ecosystems have unique construction and maintenance issues, some of which will emerge as the project proceeds. A project of this kind is speculative by nature, and costs may change as the work proceeds. You must be prepared for such adjustments. We can offer a rough estimate of how much the shaping phase of an enclosed ecosystem will cost, but the estimate may change with time.


The larger (walk-in) enclosed ecosystems fall into several categories:

* Enclosed art gardens are for the sheer beauty of a rich, abundant ecosystem in a carefully controlled environment. Let’s create a glorious tropical rain forest in your back yard! While we’re at it, we’ll be supporting and breeding lots of interesting species not normally seen in these latitudes. Or maybe you would prefer a fantastic rock garden, bursting with desert succulents? We can do an enclosed pond and swamp, complete with frogs, fish, and a diverse marshland ecosystem. What kind of enclosed ecosystem art garden do you imagine?

* Cellular ecofarms are designed for abundance. One or more enclosures that share resources such as water, air, and nutrients. Aquaculture tanks for fish and other wet critters. Soil or hydroponic trays for growing crop plants. Composters to create rootable media. Raised beds for larger plants like papayas or coffee bushes. Small terrestrial animals like chickens, quail, rabbits, iguanas, etc. What kinds of plants or critters would you like to grow in an enclosed ecofarm?

* Species preservation arks are enclosed ecosystems that are specifically designed to create exactly the right environment to nurture and preserve one or more rare or endangered species of life, be they plants, animals, fungi, or any other life form. While they may be beautiful and abundantly productive, their primary purpose is species preservation. Which rare or endangered species would you like to preserve in an enclosed ecosystem?


If you are as passionate as we are about ecology we invite you to work with us to support such a project. Whether it is a desktop aquarium / terrarium, a midsize walk-in greenhouse, or a vast geodesic bio-dome, let us co-create with you a beautiful, enclosed, artistic deep nature garden!


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