A deep nature garden does not have to live in the ground. We love to grow them in durable, beautiful containers of many sizes and shapes.

These mini-landscapes are offered providing that you understand they require regular care. You have to put them in the right place for sun and temperature, water them, feed them, and carefully clip away any parts that do not contribute to the visual “ah!” aesthetic. The reward is an ever-changing, living work of art.


We are glad to offer these living art creations. We love building and growing them, and sending them out into the world! Once you own it, it becomes your mini-landscape, but we remain available for advice, instruction or hands-on maintenance.

If you don’t have a suitable outdoor space for such a miniature garden, you might be interested in our upcoming self-illuminated, self-watering indoor mini-landscapes. These will be high-end fine-art mini-gardens with timed, high intensity spectrum-balanced LED lighting and semi-automatic wicking water systems. If this sounds interesting, please get in touch!

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