(Special note: As of June, 2015, this entire blog was closed and all of our offerings were moved to our new home in a secluded valley north of Corvallis, Oregon. All of the following services are still available, but only to residents of Corvallis and nearby towns. A new blog has been started to serve our new community. If anything you see in this (now closed!) blog sounds interesting to you, please click over to the new blog and see what’s been happening since our move.)

We use it often and we make it right here at deep nature HQ. Our ultra-compost is a super-rich medium created from kitchen scraps, shredded newspaper, and other materials.

It’s so rich that you can’t grow plants in it directly, because it will burn their stems and roots. This amazing material has to be mixed 1:4 (or more) with regular potting soil or other normal planting medium. That means one part ultra-compost to four (or more) parts ordinary planting mix.

Ultra-compost is no sterile “fertilizer,” it is a vital, organically active upgrade for your planting mix. It is a living substance containing worms, insects, and various kinds of live seeds. Most of the seeds come from the kitchen scraps we use to make it, so you will see sprouts of potato, melons, and other edibles. There may be a few seeds of other plants common in our gardens, such as lamb’s quarter, feverfew, purslane, or wild carrot.

You must be prepared for unexpected sprouts! These are easy enough to pluck out, but if you don’t pluck them you may be surprised by what grows.

Ultra compost is used frequently in our gardens, and also available to our clients and friends to use as you like.

There is also ultra-compost tea, which you can make yourself or get from us (ask us how!). Like the ultra-compost, the tea is ultra-potent. It must be diluted until a 1-quart glass jar of it shows just the slightest straw color. Then you can use it to water your plants.


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