I wish all of us could choose to work for free doing what we love, fully supported by Great Universe for this choice. Maybe some of us will live to have that experience!

In the world we have today, it seems that some kind of more or less explicit value exchange is still needed to live well and do good work. In almost all cases that turns out to be money. Some people, including us, are also experimenting with other approaches.


money value exchange
If you prefer the traditional use of money as a value exchange, we welcome that choice. There are several different options, including hourly work and monthly subscriptions. Actual rates depend on several factors, including distance, nature of the work, size of your garden, and the time duration of the work commitment. For monthly and hourly rates, please get in touch.


barter value exchange
We are open to exchange of other forms of value, including barter items like food, garden or household supplies, clothing and even services like transportation, haircuts, or housecleaning. If you have something you’d like to offer, let’s talk about setting up an arrangement.


measured barter
A barter arrangement can be very explicit, where we credit your account with a money amount based on the reasonable market value of specific items we receive. Of course, your barter items have to be products or services that we actually want or need!

Measured barter arrangements can be renegotiated at any time. Do you have a new barter item to offer? Let’s talk!

If you have a barter item to offer, but it is not big enough to cover all of your costs, let’s still talk. We are glad to credit a fair money amount for valued barter items received from any client.


141028-0914open giving agreement
A barter arrangement can be much more fluid, with more relaxed measurement of actual exchanged value. The open giving agreement is available for those clients looking for a truly money-free and innovative approach to a mutual benefit arrangement.

We’ll do the work to shape and maintain your garden, and you take the responsibility to creatively find ways to support our work. This support can include money gifts and barter goods, but also might include services, referrals, favors, or other forms of value.

There is no explicit measurement of value, but there is trust that everyone is committed to genuine, honest mutual support. We are as interested in creatively supporting you and your life as we are in being supported by you.

Open giving is a close, trusting relationship that is reserved for our most “experienced” clients who know us and know our commitment to this work, and who understand and support the lore and philosophy of deep nature gardening.

On the open giving arrangement, you might or might not receive visit updates. With some clients, we might not even set a regular schedule of visits. All services, including garden upgrades, shaping of new deep nature zones, and all regular maintenance, are completely free. You fully trust us to maintain and evolve your garden spaces, and we fully trust you to support us and help us in our work and in our lives in any way that you reasonably can.


our work is our life
We are deeply committed to preserving and evolving Gaia on Earth, and deep nature gardening is one of our main ways of doing this work. We want to create as much deep nature space as we can.

Our various value exchange plans reflect our commitment to doing this work in as many gardens as possible, with or without the explicit use of money. Please join us in this work by letting us create beautiful, diverse abundance in your life!



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